Reduction of errors and decrease of processing time

User friendly portal for HRM processes

The Parnassia Groep is a modern organisation in public healthcare with 9 care companies and more than 8.000 employees. They offer a comprehensive range of specialist care. The Parnassia Groep has a high turnover rate of staff (15% percent yearly), because they work a lot with volunteers and apprenticeships.

„To simplify the processing of a large number of changes, Oliver IT has developed a digital Self Service Portal. Now HRM and Operations have better insight, so they can work more efficient.”
Parnassia Groep

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About Parnassia Groep

The Parnassia Groep has 9 care companies and large changes in personnel (because of, amongst others, hires and ending of labour relationships). These require a large number of HRM processes to be executed. Since SAP has no standard components to automate these (a combination of HRM and operations), Oliver IT has developed a user friendly and intuitive web solution.

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The requirement

The Parnassia Groep had a strong need to optimise a number of HRM processes in SAP, so changes could be processed more easily. SAP has no standard components to automate and align the processes in Operations and HRM. The requirement of Parnassia Groep was to make the processes in on- and offboarding more efficient, reduce errors and decrease processing time.

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Curious about the solution?

The solution from Oliver IT has ensured:

Increase in user friendliness
Optimisation of processes
Reduction in the number of errors
Reduction of administrative processing time

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Jeroen Jansen