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Working as an independent contractor with the Oliver IT app

For the professionals of the Building Service of housing corporation Woonbedrijf paper work orders were very common a few years ago. Since February of 2015 the 80 professionals that were responsible for the repairs at tenants, have been working with a mobile app from Oliver IT. They have never looked back since. The processing and execution of repair requests, management of changes and individual improvements to housing including the logistic process have been digitised with the app which has been given the name "Digital Professional".

„Oliver IT has developed the mobile app "Digital Professional" in cooperation with the professionals from the Building Service. With the new app, the users can operate as independent contractors. They find this to be a very pleasant experience!”
Dennis van Thiel, Manager Bouwservice Woonbedrijf

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About Woonbedrijf

Woonbedrijf Association SWW. Hhvl, in short Woonbedrijf, is a progressive housing association with approx. 425 employees that manages over 31.000 affordable rental properties in the greater area of Eindhoven. Woonbedrijf has its own technical support with the name Building Service. The activities of professionals at this service vary from small daily repairs to individual improvements at the properties.

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The requirement

Oliver IT was requested to digitise the process in maintenance and management. The goal was for a more efficient, faster and more independent way of working by the professionals. Added convenience would be a high reduction in document flow. Since 1st of January 2016 the 4 locations of Woonbedrijf have merged into one location. This is situated in the centre of Eindhoven. There was no option to store the materials of the professionals. That is why Oliver IT was offered the challenge to fully digitise the logistic process, in order not to use a warehouse.

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Curious about the solution?

The solution by Oliver IT has ensured:

More efficient processes in maintenance and logistics, no need for a warehouse
Quality of service and increase of professional image to the tenants 
Professionals work more efficient and independent because of the digitised process

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