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Less visits per breakdown

Previously the maintenance and service prosess was supported by a PDA application “Online for Field Engineers”. Via this app an engineer could see and handle his tasks. The information on the PDA app was derived from, and edited in, SAP. The goal of the project was to replace the PDA application.

„We are very satisfied when it comes to the delivered app by Oliver IT. It works userfriendly, efficient and fast. The proces of the development of the app was rapid and fluent. The consultants were always thinking along and have given us a great app that we are using daily.”
Nico Wielhouwer, Planner

Before each project, we make a clear profile of your organization so that our service can fit seamlessly


As a housing corporation for the region Nijmegen and Wijchen, Holland, Talis is building, renting out and managing over 14.000 houses. Such a big task comes with a lot of work, different stakeholders and over 160 employees. Service and maintenance is one of the tasks that requires efficiency and a clear overview.

The key to the success of our projects is a clear question. What does your organization have problems with? What is the goal that you have in mind?

The solution

The new solution is built on our Oliver Elements platform and is forming the bridge to the SAP system Talis is using. The app can be used on an iOs smartphone or tablet and shows scheduled appointments , tasks and specifications. By providing one overview of these records it is easier for the engineer to work and plan. This resulted into less visits per breakdown.

At Oliver IT we solve your problems, completely according to your wishes!

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