Jumbo / C1000 replaces Excel process with portal to add articles

Master data management: adding articles to SAP made easy

Jumbo and C1000 used a process in Excel for the collection of data with the name of Rolling Article Calendar, or RAC. A new process has been designed by Oliver IT to align the merger of both organisations and the process of adding articles.

„Thanks to the solution from Oliver IT the Rolling Article Process has been digitised. This has ensured that the process has increased in speed and registration is much more accurate. The take over of C1000 by Jumbo was a smooth process, partly because of this solution.”

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About Jumbo & C1000

Jumbo Supermarkets has taken over C1000 supermarkets and the idea was to bring both retail formulas together in one enhanced Jumbo brand. Especially in the areas of logistics, IT and operations there was a wish to produce synergy benefits. Jumbo used an Excel process to collect data on new and outdated articles, called the Rolling Article Calendar (RAC). This Excel file was sent along the different departments, where more information was added. The final check was done by the department of Data Management. The data was then uploaded in SAP and manually processed.

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The requirement

Jumbo has requested Oliver IT to automate the RAC with a portal/web application. A new internet-accessible RAC process was designed to control the merger of both organisations and to specifically control the process of adding articles. From briefing to category management and from purchasing, logistics, finance to adding to SAP. The management cockpit gives direct insight into the status of these processes. Changes in the data, as were present in the Excel RAC, are now registered in one place. The processes are supported in order, step by step.

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Curious about the solution?

Reduction of errors because of automation

Increase of quality
Time savings, because the process runs faster

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