Managing timely changes in personnel costs

Web application from Oliver IT ensures that the Provincie Noord-Holland can manage on cost.

Oliver IT has developed a Costing Administration System (CAS) for the Province, which uses the current SAP system. This user friendly web application ensures that the Province gets insight and can manage timely changes on the cost of personnel. It is an application in which almost 700 internal and external employees from the directorate of Management and Execution can account for their work hours. The processes have been fully automated by the app built by Oliver IT. Because of the exceptional performance of the united SCRUM team the application went live after 6 months of development!

„Oliver IT was in charge of the SCRUM methodology, which was great. This is why we were able to develop the application in record-breaking time. The very pleasant cooperation in the SCRUM team was also of great importance.”
Michiel Mulder, Product Owner Provincie Noord-Holland

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About Provincie Noord-Holland

Provincie Noord-Holland manages the province bearing the same name. The province has more than 2,7 million inhabitants, divided in 48 municipalities. They work on employment, accessibility, innovation, sustainable energy, vitality of the country side & areas of nature and cultural history. The province invests in Greenports, harbours, the area of the Channel to the North Sea and main port Schiphol. The directorate of Management & Execution is responsible for the management and maintenance of waterways and roads, land, green space and public transportation networks. The directorate also builds new roads and waterways.

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The requirements

The Provincie Noord-Holland required more grip on and control of the personnel costs that were made on internal and external projects and activities. They also wanted an easier way to enter hour estimations and to monitor entries of hours. One of the goals was a more efficient way of working to compensate the growth in costs. This is why it was important to get insight into the cost and deployment of personnel, so the province would be able to manage it in time. Oliver IT was requested to develop a user friendly web application that ensures structure, insight and control and would be easy to use.

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Curious about the solution?

The solution from Oliver IT has ensured:

The option to make changes in time, with an up to date insight into spent hours and costs
Fully automated processes
Easier entry of hours, which has led to employees doing this regularly

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