Featured cases

Swiss Sense - Efficient and customer-friendly planning of delivery agreements

Swiss Sense develops and produces box springs and mattresses. With around 9000 deliveries every 6 weeks in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, there was a need for a solution that increases both customer friendliness and the efficiency of the logistics process.


Talis - A pleasant way of working

A new app for the engineers reducing the visits per breakdown.


DNWG - On to a mobile solution

Via a mobile app a serviceman can digitally receive orders, manage them en close them.


REDSUN - Say goodbye to paperwork

A more efficient workflow because of a mobile app.


Provincie Noord-Holland - A simple application

Within three workshops Oliver IT and Provincie Noord-Holland came up with an application to combine several activities.


PostNL - 'MijnPost' customer portal

For PostNL, the Dutch national post company, Oliver IT had worked along on a customer portal.


Provincie Noord-Holland - Web application

Oliver IT created the Costing Administration System (CAS) for Provincie Noord-Holland which runs on SAP.


Aldipress - Publishers portal

The most important goal was to modernize the current publishers portal.


Jumbo - Portal for entering articles

Jumbo and C1000 were previously using an Excel based process for their Rolling Article Calendar (RAC).


Woonbedrijf - Mobile solution

Since february 2015 80 professionals, who are responsible for the repair requests of tenants, are working with a mobile app developed by Oliver IT.


Infrax - Mobile app and platform

Thanks to the new mobile platform of Oliver IT all the processes for maintenance and connections can be performed offline as well.


Struyk Verwo Infra - Mobile solution for truck- and forklift drivers

The apps from Oliver IT, based on the platform Oliver Elements, have ensured that truck drivers receive all required information, making the process of loading and unloading of goods more efficient and also reduces the administrative burden.


Stedin - Validation portal for engineers

Easy assessment and handling of the amount of hours worked by service engineers in SAP.


Parnassia Groep - Manager Self Service Portal

The Parnassia Groep is a modern organisation in public healthcare with 9 care companies and more than 8.000 employees.


Ziut - Mobile solution

At SPIE, Oliver IT has realised multiple web (portal) and app (mobile) projects.


Ziut - Finding articles via a web portal

Oliver IT has developed several web and mobile apps for SPIE.

„By using Agile Scrum the awareness in the organisation has grown on fundamental and incidental matters. Prioritising on value and not on emotion gives a strong focus. The business is continuously learning to handle this.”
Björn van Eck, Product Owner

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