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2000 weekly deliveries more efficient than ever planned

The digitized appointment module Oliver Planner from Swiss Sense has been in use for six months now. On average, 2000 weekly deliveries are planned more efficiently. This saves a lot of time and money. Employees no longer have to manually schedule a delivery time with the customer. In addition, the journeys of the trucks and drivers to be used are planned much more intelligently.

In the coming months, Oliver IT will finalize the cloud solution to which the digital planning module is linked, so that the module works fully automatically. In this cloud solution data is loaded from SAP such as available trucks and service vehicles, drivers and mechanics, delivery addresses, type of delivery, etc.

Previously, Swiss Sense planners first contacted the customer to confirm a delivery appointment. Now all appointments are automatically scheduled directly, after which the customer is presented with this appointment. The cloud solution calculates the deliveries by truck or car in advance and bases the route on that. Each service vehicle therefore drives the most efficient route and is thus packed as optimally as possible.

The call centre then calls to confirm the proposed delivery time with the customer. Experience shows that 80% of the appointments are confirmed and about 20% of the appointments need to be changed. The cloud solution then processes these changes into a final schedule and route.

Lots of time savings for the planning and the call centre

The call center gets a lot of profit from this new tool. They now plan more appointments, no longer need to look into SAP and barely need to write down on paper. Everything is digital and during the process the number of screens and clicks are reduced to a minimum. In addition, the call centre is supported with a call script. They can now take on more orders because scheduling a (delivery) appointment takes less time.

The smart solution

In Oliver Planner a tool is integrated that ensures that relevant data is imported from SAP to the cloud solution. This includes data from all orders, the available trucks and the work schedules of the drivers and service engineers. In this cloud solution the planning is made on the basis of an algorithm. The algorithm takes into account various aspects such as available vehicles, available employees, locations of delivery, opening hours of depots and events. But also personal skills of the employees are an input of data, such as the languages the employee masters, this can be relevant to carry out a certain delivery or service.

Practical examples

Suppose a vehicle has gone to the garage for servicing. The smart system then knows that it cannot be scheduled on the rides. Events such as the Nijmegen Four Days Marches are also taken into account, deliveries in the city centre are then planned outside the event. Planning is done automatically, but the planning officer at Swiss Sense always has the option of adjusting the planning manually.

Willem Janssen looks back on a challenging project

Willem Janssen, colleague of Oliver IT, is closely involved in the Swiss Sense project. "We started this a year ago and I can tell you that this is a fun and challenging project. Such an algorithm for determining a schedule is very complicated. We are currently putting the finishing touches to the link and expect to deliver in two months," concludes Willem.

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