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Author: Sally-Ann van Nuland

5 Golden tips for a successful SAP Fiori app

SAP Fiori as a new technology is no guarantee for success. The rate of success depends mostly on your starting point and which approach you choose. That is why OIiver IT had summed up the most important tips grounded on prior Fiori implementations.

Tip 1: Where can you gain the most time and thereby efficiency?

Figure out the subjects with the biggest potential within the business case. Check out the most used SAP transactions for example. Or perform a survey on your employees with the question which of the tasks are the most time- or click consuming.

Tip 2: Check out the standard SAP Fiori apps before creating your own custom apps. SAP is offering a library with a small number of 1000 standard apps which can be sorted per line of business. Experience has shown that implementation of standard apps can be fast and cheap. The only demand is that you stick to the standard procedure within these apps as well.

Tip 3: Think of the end-to-end process to make sure the end-user is guided throughout the tasks.

A thorough analysis of the best possible way of working will lead to a better Fiori application, an application that will support the process completely. When there isn’t a standard application that fits the needs, a design based on a best practice way of working is the best starting point.

Tip 4: Take the best care of the design of the different screens first. Only after you can start building the actual app.

During the design-phase of a custom Fiori app it is not only necessary to keep the work process in mind, but it is important to create accurate mock-ups of the screens a.k.a. visual environment as well. This should be done to make sure the actual end-users are not surprised by the end result. A Agile/Scrum approach within the design-phase is recommended.

Tip 5: A good Backend.

To create an intuïtieve and proper user experience it is good to keep customization of the SAP Backend in mind. It is because of this possibility it is highly recommended to have a group of functional teammembers; UX designers, Frontend developers and Backend/integration developers, for example.

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