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Author: Hanneke van Gastel

Oliver IT is celebrating

It's busy times at Oliver IT. Not only because of the ongoing projects. "Every time we start talking about it here at the office, 10 beautiful entrepreneurial years flash by," says Gerben Moerland, founder of Oliver IT. You read it right... we are celebrating our 10th anniversary!

Gerben: "In an industry that hasn't stood still for the past 10 years, we have managed to start and grow into the company we are today. From two to fifty employees. From developing customer portals to mobile solutions to today's data driven apps in the cloud. Since our start, we have always been able to do challenging projects and have built up a great customer base".

How did we do that? "We have a number of pillars that we have held on to all these years," Gerben explains. "In our approach we always think from process to IT and not only from a technical point of view. In this way we have built a long-term relationship with our customers. This relationship is characterised by the fact that we want to be a partner for the customer, think along with them and not just act as a supplier". Gerben continues: "We work in a rapidly changing IT market. Keeping track of innovations and following them up is therefore necessary in my opinion. The talents we have on board ensure that we realize great and beautiful projects. Our employees and their drive make the difference and are very important to us".

"A good team comes from sparring with each other to come to the right solutions, offering challenges in projects, but most of all by taking care of the fun. We really have a top team that can handle any issue," Gerben proudly concludes.

Today is the party. Oliver IT is 10 years old. Cheers!

To be continued, with beautiful customer stories and anecdotes from employees.

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