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Author: John van Pelt, Senior consultant

AI chatbot: a strong database increases the service level

In 2004 the first chatbots appeared on stage. In recent years we have seen a rise and further development. The storm surrounding this conversational interface has now subsided. Despite this, we see that 43% of the service teams in the Netherlands actively use chatbots and this percentage continues to increase. What are the advantages of a chatbot and what impact does this tool have on an organisation? We will look at that in this article. In part 2 of this series about chatbots, we will discuss the technical side and show you how you can create your own chatbot.

What is the definition of a chatbot?

A chatterbot, chatbot or simply bot is an automated conversation partner. It is therefore an amalgamation of the words 'chat' and 'robot'. Chatbots can be found on websites and in Instant Messenger programs, such as Facebook Messenger and Skype where the bot is used as a buddy.

Rule based chatbots vs Artificial intelligence chatbots

The chatbots are mainly used by companies to boost their customer service, to generate leads or for an informative role. A distinction can be made between two types of chatbots. The scripted or 'rule based' bots in which a number of scripts are worked out on the basis of questions or keywords. As soon as the bot recognizes a question, a certain script is finished. The other variant consists of artificial intelligence bots (AI chatbot) where the chatbots use machine learning to improve their answers themselves.

AI chatbots pick up simple questions on their own

An AI chatbot understands what someone is asking and is able to answer appropriately. This by means of a smart algorithm in combination with a strong database of questions and answers. The answer given by the bot consists of information from the database linked to a written, and therefore scripted, answer. In this way, the AI chatbot can pick up simple questions independently. A healthy mix between the synonyms that can recognize the intention of a sentence and the entities that can be derived from it is relevant.

A more effective use of your resources

The use of AI chatbots to automatically pick up these simple questions 24/7 saves companies a lot of time. The customer service staff can use this time to focus on the more complex issues.

Increase service level and customer satisfaction

The fact that thanks to the use of the chatbot, customers can be helped faster and directly in one go has a positive effect on customer satisfaction. This is also something that customers expect. 66% of consumers find direct involvement, or on an on-demand basis, important to engage with a company.

A much-discussed example is KLM's chatbot. They show how far you can go with AI chatbots.

Select tooling to build your own AI chatbot

There are various tools available that you can use to develop a chatbot on your own. Well known authoring tools are,, Chatfuel, and Botsify. SAP has the SAP Conversational AI tool, which can be fully integrated with all SAP products. The chatbot calls certain customer data from the backend system (SAP) to use the correct customer data in the conversation.

In part 2 of our series on chatbots we will build our own chatbot with SAP Conversational AI.

SAP Conversational AI

SAP Conversational AI gives you access to an end-to-end platform to build chatbots with the support of a digital assistant. It's an excellent tool to build your own chatbot and take the first steps to improve your customers' customer experience. Some examples of companies that work with SAP chatbots:

Bouygues Telecom uses chatbots to provide its customers with better service and support Bouygues Telecom uses chatbots to provide its customers with better service and support
Groupe Mutuel has integrated a chatbot to guide customers more quickly when adjusting insurance contracts. Groupe Mutuel has integrated a chatbot to guide customers more quickly when adjusting insurance contracts.

A strong, well-functioning AI chatbot offers absolute added value

Using a self-thinking chatbot can take a lot of customer questions off your hands in a pleasant way. A bot can handle simple decision flow itself, but a link to a valid database, such as SAP, offers more possibilities to expand this. An AI chatbot is certainly an added value for every organization. It automatically answers customer questions 24/7, increases service and satisfaction and ensures that you can deploy resources more effectively.

Read here part 2: Create your own chatbot via SAP conversational AI, step by step.

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