Author: Martien Merks

Automation should be a pleasure, not a burden

Most companies are experts in their field, allowing them to make a difference and serve their customers. Oliver IT is such a company. About 50 experts who help customers to innovatively automate their processes and provide ease of use, so that automation becomes a pleasure and not a burden.

You often see that advice usually goes towards the products that consultants / companies sell themselves. Not really an advice in our opinion. No, we as Oliver IT try independently of suppliers to look at the possibilities that the current state of automation offers, in order to really solve a business problem together with you. And that at a price that always provides an advantage over the cost of the problem.
That is why we as Oliver IT really look from the business: first look closely with the customer what the real problem is, and then see how a solution can be found from process and data. Then terms such as IoT, AI, ML do not become jargon, but may actually be applicable in your environment.

Expertise must serve a case, and that is how we think at Oliver IT. We are happy to tell you more about it online or live at our or your office.

Take a look on our website or make an appointment. We would like to meet you. And who knows, we may have a pragmatic solution for your problem and / or desired improvement.

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Karst Koopman Consultant
Karst Koopman