Author: Robbert van Leeuwen

Blog 1 Homeathon 2020: 'Home Planner'

In this strange corona period, many people are forced to work from home. For many people this has an impact on the home situation. Who will work where? When am I not allowed to disturb my partner or housemate and at what time does our daughter have her online math class again that she needs help with? And are there any good tips to improve my productivity while working from home? During the Oliver IT Hackathon, this year renamed the 'Homeathon', I tried to solve this problem.

The Home Planner app is an application that makes it possible to make a schedule with the entire household. It is suitable for families with or without children as well as for friends who form a household together. Everyone can enter their own (work) schedule and others can then easily consult it. In addition, it is possible to enter per appointment whether one should not be disturbed. Handy, for example when you have a meeting or need to take a math test.

The home screen provides direct insight into the daily planning of the household. This way you can see at a glance who has to do what and when the person in question should not be disturbed. This schedule can be filled per person via the calendar screen. Here the user can add activities to the home planner, but also add his Outlook calendar so that (business) appointments are automatically added to it. Via the user screen, family members or roommates can be added to the app, who also gain insight into the planning of all other users of the group. There is also a page with 'tips & tricks' to make working from home more pleasant and productive.

The Home Planner app is built with React Native. This offers the possibility to build native apps, while using JavaScript React. So the app is written in JavaScript, but Rendered native iOS and Android code. MongoDB Realm is used for the backend.

Despite the fact that the Oliver IT Hackathon was organized in a completely different way this time, it was again a fun and educational experience to participate. A great way to develop yourself and your skills and to come up with great new ideas.

Robbert van Leeuwen.

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