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Author: Sally-Ann van Nuland

Picking up and following through

Within the trend IoT, Big Data, Blockchain and the growth of complex IT landscapes you can tell one resemblance; connectivity. It has become normal for objects, devices and systems to communicate with each other. This means that these devices and systems need to be linked to each other. This sounds simple, but it can furnish challenges.

What can or can’t be linked?
Ofcourse this is a technical and process-related challenge. Several other conditions can be crucial as well. Sometimes it is good to figure out if a connection will actually save time and if linking systems isn’t providing certain roles with unnecessary information. Another factor can be the number of mutations within data. Sometimes it is easier to set up a regular update than to set up an ongoing connection to sync.

Focusing on the technical part. Almost every company has different types of systems. These systems each have their own language, other updates and age limits and possibly other providers too.  It is important to have an overview, make the right choices and catch up in time. 

Where to start?
First of all, like noted before, it is important to have a clear overview. An insight on systems, methods and processes offer a solid base in the beginning. Conditions and set goals are the next step. When these factors are clear, choices can be made and options can be described. A natural follow up would be the definition of tasks and responsibilities.

IT and Business
Connecting systems is one thing, making sure all these connections actually work and ensure improvements for a process is a second thing. ‘What is the need from a business perspective and what will help the end-user?’ are important questions when it comes to integration.

Oliver IT helps answering those questions and will provide steps as a follow up. More questions? Reach out below. 

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