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Daniël Dukers and his work at Jumbo

Our colleague Daniël Dukers has been working for our customer Jumbo for quite some time now, and we think this is a good time to ask Daniël a little more and to let him tell you about what he is and has been involved in. In this interview we look back in time, but also look ahead.

During the first period, Daniël worked together with our Oliver colleague Sander van Laarhoven, who has already left Jumbo a year ago. In that first period, the activities between Sander and Daniël were divided into Middleware (Netweaver CE) and frontend in React. However, with Sander's departure to a project outside Jumbo, Daniël fills in both parts. Of course in a team (SCRUM), so he is not completely alone.

A look back and a look to the present. Daniël has been working for several years on the System for article entry and article calendar called RAK = Rolling Article Calendar. The original RAK System stems from the merger time (2012) with C1000. In 2017, Jumbo needed an extension of the functionalities. In addition to entering and ending articles, the successor must also support the mutation of articles according to the new method. Over the years, the system has expanded considerably and RAK has become a very large application where Daniël has been able to contribute a fair share to the expansions to the RAK system with his knowledge and skills.

Within the division of Jumbo that Daniël takes part in, they work with 4 Scrum teams. In addition, the teams have now been divided into several Backend teams and 1 non-SAP team that deals with EBX.

Daniël's Roll within the team is Developer for CE and Frontend for Rak-2 (2 stands for 2nd version). The system runs on S4 in Belgium, while in the Netherlands, it still runs on SAP ECC (often customized). Jumbo is seriously considering whether to phase out ECC in the long term and thus fully switch to S4.

The biggest challenge at the moment is syncing article data in the 2 backend systems (S4 and SAP ECC). RAK is the only way for employees without Superuser authorizations to create or change articles. In the future, Jumbo RAK wants to expand more and more; for example also for supply chain, in which Daniël is responsible for displaying the data in the frontend and middleware.

Daniël is currently working on small improvements to RAK and has implemented additional process data capture for reporting purposes. This data is exported with a job to a file which is read into their system by the BI team. The BI team creates the reports based on this.

What does the future look like? Looking at the long term, a full switch to S4 will take place; that is a major step in RAK with a complete move to S4, which is already being used in Belgium. The advantage is that the process is simplified and unambiguous, but on the other hand, this will initially entail a lot of work, RAK 3 perhaps? However, there are still many choices to be made at the moment, but Jumbo knows that they have to convert to S4 and that is now being considered. The advantage for Jumbo Netherlands is that Belgium already works with S4 and the improvements for Belgium can also be implemented in the Netherlands. Jumbo Netherlands is therefore looking closely at Belgium, what they encounter and what the advantages are before Jumbo Netherlands takes the next step.

Daniël will continue to contribute to our customer Jumbo in the coming period.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate and just ask Daniël by emailing or calling us. We ensure that it ends up with Daniël.

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