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Data and predictive power in Logistics

We are Oliver Data (Odat) and make complex data simple.

As indicated in the title, we make complex data simple and provide you with more predictive insights into your logistics processes. In this way, Oliver IT helps you get a better grip on your processes; think about logistics but also planning. And not unimportantly: what savings can I make within the process and financially?

Almost everyone talks about Data, because data is hot. Even within logistics, no, precisely within logistics. But what can I do with it, you may ask? And how can Oliver IT help us use data to optimize our processes, make them easier and more efficient and thus indirectly save costs on these processes and increase the job satisfaction of our employees.

Making a report is no longer so difficult with today's tools. But it becomes more difficult when we are talking about multiple sources from which you want to have and use the data. When we talk about predictive power, the story often becomes even more complex. Let alone if we are going to talk about combining these 2 parts and make it simple, usable and interactive.

We think you should be able to make your own reports, but we also know that it is difficult to collect, link and edit the right data. Which source and how much? We don't care as long as it contributes to the goal you have as a customer with the datasets we prepare for you. Again, don't make it too complex, but make it manageable and accessible. That is what we stand for and that is our philosophy.

I have already dropped the word logistics and I would like to specifically zoom in on it. As indicated below, we have identified a number of steps in order to arrive at a correct insight and ultimately the reporting.

The entire chain from data collection to reporting can therefore be automated. So no need to create your own Excel sheets, extractions to feed your reports. We automate this and transform it into comprehensible Datasets. We determine the frequency in consultation with you; Real-time, per day, per hour or per month. This is all adjustable and possible with our Odat platform; all automated on and via 1 supplier, Oliver IT.

Logistics and Data

Oliver Data (Odat) is the standard in customized logistics data solutions The large amount of data available in logistics offers many possibilities and opportunities for control. By analyzing your logistics data and enriching it with predictive algorithms, a lot of benefits can be achieved and costs can be saved on various parts of your logistics & distribution process. Investing in your data quickly pays off.

How then will you ask yourself? A logical step is to determine, together with our knowledge of your company and our knowledge of Data, IT and Logistics, which logistic processes or parts of your logistic process we are going to optimize. Once we have determined this together, it is time to bring your data together from different sources so that all the data relating to your logistics process(es) are analysed and optimised by us. By providing this prepared data with predefined algorithms, you will gain insights that you do not currently have, which will give you more control over your logistics process and form the basis for optimisation. We do all this in close cooperation in order to achieve the best result for you.

Many organizations within logistics almost always have data with a geographical component. This in turn offers opportunities by analysing addresses, postcodes, regions and coordinates. The insights for your organisation are numerous, such as a few examples that we have listed below:

1. Where are my trucks?

2. What are the best performing distribution locations?

3. What is the status of an order?

4. How does the distribution process work?

5. Can the lead times be shortened?

With the Odat solution it is also possible to visualize the data geographically on a map to provide insights. Graphs provide insight into the course or averages, but have no further frame of reference. Enter planned routes with data as previously displayed and it is immediately clear where the truck is located, for example, as well as providing insights into driving times and the status of an order. And there are plenty of other examples that give you insights into what you can do with them.

With the Oliver Data solution (Odat), you get exactly what you need, and Odat is going to help you optimize your logistics processes now and in the future. An efficient approach and vision for the use of your data that, in consultation with you, is precisely tailored to your organisation and seamlessly integrates with your existing (ERP) package. Are you also thinking about the future? Yes, because Odat has been set up in such a way that all your historical data is preserved. Even if you switch from ERP (package) or if you want to enrich it with extra data from open sources or a new system/package to be used by you.

In short: There is a lot to gain from the insights gained from data for organizations where logistics is a core activity. Want to know more? We would be happy to visit you for a no-obligation meeting and take up the challenge together with you, using your data to focus on your logistics process(es).

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