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Data Quick Scan Patrimonium Barendrecht

Every organization nowadays has a lot of data in various sources. Reporting Tools to visualize data are often also available “free” for information users. So there seem to be no obstacles to get off to a bold start on the data journey and to create information yourself.

When the first dashboards and reports are built, some problems arise. Data must be unlocked through manual time-consuming actions, CSV files and e-mail. The supplier of the source only supplies standard datasets and extensions of these sets take a long time. The reports provide the current status and do not show any trends over time. Data from different sources does not match. Doubts arise about the quality of the data.

That is a shame, of course, because the support of the reports is disappearing and information is used by fewer and fewer employees. Customers are asking us for help to get the data journey back on track. We like to do that, because at Oliver we love data and we are good at using data and creating information.

During a Quick scan, we quickly go through the following points together with data users:

  • The current situation of the data landscape:
    • The data sources
    • The process of retrieving, editing and reloading data
    • Reports and dashboards that have been created
  • Problems that occur in the current situation
  • Requirements and wishes set for the data landscape

Based on the Quick Scan, we performed a fit gap analysis and made recommendations for the short and medium future. With some minor adjustments, some wishes turned out to be possible in the current situation and we implemented them immediately with Patrimonium. Patrimonium will include the recommendations for the medium term in strategic considerations.

We think this is a good example of how Oliver can help Organizations advance in the data journey.

Do you also have a question about data and/or need a Quick Scan? We are happy to help you.

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