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"The logistics sector is ready to achieve substantial savings through digitisation".

With the introduction of the smart cloud application Oliver Planner at Swiss Sense, Oliver IT is taking an important step in the digital transformation within the logistics sector. We talk with Gerben Moerland, partner at Oliver IT, about the solution they offer with Oliver Planner in the optimization issue and need that many companies have. In addition, we discuss the improvements in business processes that can be implemented thanks to innovative automation.

A lot of profit can be made in the logistics sector

Gerben: "You see that many companies with a logistics process can make a profit there," says Gerben. Often companies still work fully or partially analogue where a lot of manual actions are required. Stacks of paperwork, a planning board and employees who plan appointments by telephone. By automating the process in a smart way with modern techniques, time can be saved". Oliver has developed various automation solutions for logistics. "We have really immersed ourselves in external logistics. That means from the process of scheduling and optimising freight through to delivery to the end customers. We can plan the order via a cloud application, pick it up and let it come in digitally on a device, have it signed and then send it back and have it processed in our customers' systems".

Easily understand what a company can save

Gerben: "For example, we have developed Oliver Planner, a planning application, for planning and optimising trips. We also have an application where truck drivers receive coupons digitally on their device and a customer can immediately digitally sign the packing slip and then receive the invoice. These solutions can be completely tailored to an organisation, the backend system used. This makes it work for every company, even if the processes are different". Companies initially know whether their process can be optimized. "Do you have a certain scale or do you know that there is a lot of waste within your logistic process due to an inefficient way of working, then it is interesting to make a business case. We can easily calculate for each organization what savings can be made".

Swiss Sense wanted to innovate in logistics

Oliver IT developed the cloud application Oliver Planner for Swiss Sense. "Swiss Sense wanted to innovate within their logistics process in order to make significant savings. With Oliver Planner, there is now a future-proof automation solution that allows Swiss Sense to automatically plan trips in the most efficient way. Previously, the call center employees worked with printed call lists and an analog planning board. Customers were called for a delivery or maintenance appointment and were assigned based on a manual planning board. Now, the planning is optimized in advance and Swiss Sense proactively allocates the best time slot based on where the customer lives, other planned appointments, and efficiency in mileage on the routes. You also see that 85% of customers accept the first appointment proposal immediately," says Gerben.

Savings of 4 km per order per ride

Gerben: "Better planning of the trips saves Swiss Sense 4 km per order per customer. On 85,000 orders per year, that's an improvement with considerable benefits. Vehicles drive fewer kilometres, fuel consumption is reduced and CO2 emissions are reduced. The drivers drive fewer hours and ultimately Swiss Sense could even save vehicles. In addition to the clear optimisation of processes, an automation solution such as Oliver Planner contributes to the sustainability objectives of companies".

Ready for digitization in the future

Gerben: "We combine the data from the backend system, from SAP for example, and optimise it with the planning algorithms in PTV and present it in a user-friendly interface. This means that employees can work directly and easily with the application". Companies are ready for digitization into the future. "The next step that will soon follow is the online scheduling of appointments. There are plenty of opportunities for further automation in the future. With a solution like Oliver Planner, improvements are implemented immediately and a company is ready for the future. We constantly use the latest techniques and functionalities within our applications".

Inspiration visit to experience whether Oliver Planner is interesting

The digital transformation within the logistics sector is relevant for companies with logistics processes. Gerben: "The transition from manual and time-consuming work to a digital planning system or a digital delivery, as mentioned, offers a multitude of advantages. This is attractive for companies that know that there is room for optimisation within their processes. For many companies, automation can still be a catch-all term that is not yet concrete. To inspire people, Swiss Sense and Oliver IT will be organising an inspiration visit at Swiss Sense on 19 September. The focus will be on the logistics process and the profits made at Swiss Sense, explaining the Oliver Planner application and digitisation in logistics. The perfect opportunity for companies to gain knowledge and to assess whether such a solution is of interest to their company".

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