Author: Robin Schutten

The advantages of an integration scan

Due to the rapid technical developments of recent years, the application landscape within organizations has become increasingly extensive and complex. In what way have the various aspects of integration been taken into account, reality is in line with IT policy. Is there an integral picture of it?

Problem definition

The IT landscape is changing at a rapid pace. Whereas in the past processes were to a large extent fully realized in an On Premise Backend system, nowadays processes are accessed in many other ways via the web, mobile or applications in the cloud. These applications must continue to work seamlessly with the processes in the back end. A lot of attention and testing is often done to this. But what about the chosen technologies to let these applications communicate with each other, are the right choices made, how is the management of the integration arranged, how is the security arranged and is there regular monitoring of the developments in the market?


The various aspects of integration are examined by means of an Integration Scan:

  • Determining the as-is situation
  • Determining the consistency of the as-is situation
  • Matching as-is with the policy of the organisation
  • Advice on possible adjustments and improvements

Business Case

By not consistently making the right choices and not keeping an eye on the market, there is a risk that the integration landscape will become a proliferation of various applications and techniques. This also makes the management of the integration increasingly difficult and complex. Because of the proliferation, it is also difficult to set up security in a fully efficient and effective way or it is no longer state-of-the-art. By having a clear picture of the current situation and the possible gaps, vision and policy can be developed how the integration landscape can develop further.

Vision Oliver IT

By regularly having a third party look at the integration landscape, a fresh view on the current situation is created. This situation can be assessed by putting the IT vision and IT policy of the organization next to it and where necessary making changes.

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