Author: Allard van der Ouw

DevOps in practice with Oliver Cloud

What is DevOps? In short, DevOps is a combination of development (Dev) and business operations (Ops). This is a combination of people, processes and technology to continuously deliver value to customers.

A traditional IT organization has often split the roles into separate teams based on role, such as a development team, a management team, a security team, a quality team, etc. By switching to the DevOps culture, teams are no longer formed based on role, but based on a product. This gives teams the opportunity to better respond to customer needs and achieve business goals faster. A full overview of DevOps is described here by Microsoft.

Within the Oliver Cloud product team we apply various DevOps techniques. The Oliver Cloud team is jointly responsible for the Oliver Cloud solutions of about 10 customers and about 30 applications. All activities related to the Oliver Cloud are carried out by this team. We are therefore involved in new Oliver Cloud projects from the business case and the analysis up to finally managing the end result and resolving the reports afterwards.

Our customers like this very much, because with this they know that those involved in the project at the beginning will also help with all future wishes and adjustments. This often creates a relationship of trust where, in addition to being an IT supplier, we also function as an IT partner and as a sounding board for further IT developments within the company.

In addition to benefits for the customer, this also has advantages within Oliver IT. The management of Oliver IT does not have to go through various boxes with questions and wishes to collect information and then merge it themselves. Instead, they can ask their questions to the team where the question is then further processed to arrive at a solution. Here, all dependencies within the known IT domain are immediately taken into account in order to arrive at an optimal solution that is supported by the entire team.

It also works very well for the Oliver Cloud team itself. Because everyone is multi-deployable, the tasks can easily be divided in the team and everyone is ready to help each other with challenges. Within Oliver IT, colleagues are regularly included in the team to share knowledge.

The Oliver Cloud team is also responsible for keeping the solutions up-to-date. The current IT world in which we live never stands still. Tech giants such as Microsoft, Google and Apple regularly release new versions of their devices, browsers and operating systems to meet, among other things, the ever-increasing needs of their users and new laws and regulations. In addition, the security of their software is also constantly being improved.

The solutions built by the Oliver Cloud team are built on this continuously moving IT world. These solutions must therefore evolve in order to remain safe, fast and reliable. This means that we periodically update all applications where technically possible. In case of very radical changes, we contact the customer to jointly determine the next steps. This could be, for example, when Apple releases its new iPhone, while the apps created do not yet take this into account, for example the iPhone notch.

Most updates are brought live without our customers noticing. We guarantee functionality through the use of CI / CD, automated test scripts and extensive logging & monitoring. For example, dozens of database updates, server updates and software updates have already been brought live to ensure solutions remain secure, stable and reliable. And this is how we keep our Oliver Cloud house / cloud in order.

I have now been working for Oliver IT for over 5 years and have seen the predecessor Oliver Elements grow functionally and technically to Oliver Cloud, including a top team of colleagues and "customer" relations. The activities within this team keep my work diverse, interesting and challenging.

Would you like to know more and / or have you become curious about the applicability within your organization? Feel free to contact us and we are available for all your questions.


Allard van der Ouw
Lead developer Oliver IT

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