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Does your IT department speak the same language as your service and maintenance engineers?

New ways of working keep a business or organization vital. A mobile app for service and maintenance engineers is a normal feature nowadays according to us. Mobile apps can create a paperless, easy, transparent and more efficient way of working. Well organized control can make sure that this digital way of working runs smoothly and the right encryption will ensure safety. Gather information Smart technologies connect different solutions (GIS, planning, IoT, route planning, ERP, technical systems, scanning etc.) The combination of several systems empower the mobile solution, due to this engineers can work in the most optimal way.

Optimal working
Your engineers are trained and skilled to solve the most technical problems. However the administration of their work is another story. In their eyes this process mostly is unclear, illogical or even unnecessary. As a result you see a lot of misunderstandings, mistakes and unnecessary costs.

Happy end-users!
Walk in you end-users shoes and encounter their needs to make work processes such as administration as easy as possible. Providing an application that includes all the information and processes, even if you are working offline, can help an engineer to organize, control, register and report his work. An engineer that can focus on his core tasks is more likely to make less mistake. Less mistakes is equal to less costs. The application is gathering reliable information that can be put to use  in multiple systems.

3 part of the mobile app

1. The process
The service and maintenance process has its connection to logistics, planning, HR and so on. That is why it is important to map out the process and optimize it for the end-user.

2, Security
A very topical subject that is also important for mobile solutions. A engineer that is working via a public network is vulnerable. Data can be encrypted and shielded.

3, Control
Control is very important. Engineers that are working at location can be limited or obstructed by technology. Performance is crucial. 

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