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Author: Sally-Ann van Nuland

Digitizing via apps

Working digitally via web or mobile apps isn´t just easy and more efficient, but it will see to reduction of mistakes, more cargo per carriage per day and optimization of the rides. Inserting realtime changes is possible digitally. No paper, no unnecessary communication between departments, but a clear overview on tasks and processes.

Oliver IT isn’t only delivering the application as a product or as a custom made solution with additional advise, but provides IT experts with the relevant experience as well. We acknowledge the differences between heavy load; think of building material and raw material, and distribution: dual delivery of consumer goods and planning. Despite of the differences we look into including the features that are necessary for the end user. By creating an intuitive digital environment the ease of getting to know the application and using it is guaranteed. Furthermore our experience has shown us that the ease of finding information helps reducing mistakes and thereby lost time and costs. In brief; we make it possible to finally use the investment that has been put into automating processes.

Next to inserting the information it is easy for the end user to be able to withdraw the correct information from the app as well. Changes in route or planning aren’t that big of an issue anymore. This can lead to optimization of the ride or the reduction of the necessary visits per location. Furthermore this process involves less to no physical paperwork!

Connectivity is one of the big advantages of digitalization. A truckdriver can insert information, a photograph of his delivery as prove, directly into the systems that are also used at the back office for example. Billing other administrations can be done from this information in the system without manually putting in the necessary information. An other example is when someone has cancelled an appointment during the day, the planning can be adjusted and an alternative route can be suggested. This also goes for the handling towards the receiver. An option would be sending the signed delivery note.

In short digitizing via web and mobile apps offer possibilities and chances. Are you looking for the mentioned advantages? Feel free to contact us below.  

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