Author: Bryan Abrams

A (Corona) working day for Bryan Abrams at Heijmans

My assignment at Heijmans started with ABAP. Team Service and Maintenance (SenO) is responsible for all software related to service orders and notifications for maintenance work on roads, masts, signals, etc. This not only involves ABAP, processes, and databases, but also Javascript for the front-end applications built with jQuery, Fiori, and recently Angular. Lovers of a varied working environment are in the right place here.

Every week starts with a short meeting. Not very long, just enough time to put the big blocks on the agenda or to indicate that something is running or not. Let's see what is on our plate, what is still to come, and whether something is getting in our way.

Besides me, the team consists entirely of Heijmans employees. As a technical consultant I am often the first point of contact for all modifications and additions of new features. It is therefore my responsibility to first help employees understand the software, and advise on possible effort and costs; The state of affairs that we as consultants are all familiar with. As soon as an agreement has been received from the management, the wish will be placed in the back log, where it will be placed on the agenda during the next meeting. What appeals to me about this process is that Heijmans itself is involved in all developments.

Although corona impacts all of us, it has had no impact on day-to-day operations for our team. The features, malfunctions and information requests just keep coming and it just keeps working. Although it is really a shame that you no longer meet at the coffee machine at Heijmans, everything is well organized and we can continue to do our work without any problems.

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