Author: Martijn Samuels

A round around Oliver IT

My first month at Oliver IT has concluded, and it is time for some retrospect. What have I learned during this get-to-know-you month and what impressions have I gotten?

After my studies in communication and philosophy, I didn’t quite know what I wanted or what career path would fit my interests and knowledge. When I met Codaisseur, a trainer that specializes in retraining to become a developer, at a career event, I decided after some reflection to accept the challenge. In three months, I’ve learned Javascript intensively, and I learned how to build full-stack apps. During this programme, I found out that I could have made this switch a lot sooner, since I really found developing interesting and enjoyable to do.

After the successful completion of my training at Codaisseur, I met with Oliver IT. Personally, I had a good feeling about Oliver IT right from the start, and luckily, Oliver IT saw sufficient potential in me to hire me as a beginning programmer. A training programme was tailormade for me and I got to meet all of the various specialities combined in Oliver IT. The first three weeks, I followed an introduction to each of the disciplines daily, sometimes twice a day, and each colleague had a little exercise for me to practise that discipline.

That’s how I got to know the wondrous world of Oliver IT. I got to know SAP, and as part of that the SAP-language ABAP, integration, and SAP UI5. It was explained to me how an integration specialist works with Oliver Connect to make various systems communicate with each other. I saw how quickly an application can be developed using Mendix and how a Solution Architect analyses processes to find new, convenient solutions for a customer. I got to hear the possibilities within Oliver IT in the data analysis area with ODat, and the ambitious goals they have. I also got to see behind the curtain at Oliver Elements, and the support of applications developed inhouse. I have completed several assignments, such as an investigation into MongoDB, a dependency check, building a native Android app and finally, I held a presentation about the entire training programme.

Colleagues told me about the projects they are currently working on, about their experience in the field and about the challenges they meet. While it remains special to meet your new co-workers during Corona-times, and thus only speak to them via webcam and microphone, it is hard to imagine this welcome could have been any warmer. Without exception, everyone was prepared to take the time to share his or her experiences and help where I required it. Any insecurity that I had because of my rather limited technical knowledge was nullified by the preparedness to explain things even if they came naturally to them. The high quality of the specialist knowledge within Oliver IT was at some points overwhelmingly awesome, but it was mostly inspiring to see and I felt encouraged to develop myself to a better developer.

Apart from the fact that I now have a much better image of the IT-consultancy area and the solutions Oliver IT offers, and that I have learned a lot about the different specializations, I also learned that I am at the right place. There is a lot of room for further development andeveryone gets the chance to investigate interests and explore new areas, with the training program as an example.

And what lies beyond? In the meantime, I’ve become a part of a small project for which I can do some front-end development. It is nice to see how quickly I can actually start working and that I am being guided well in this area as well. I am being challenged to find solutions on my own but help is always available. I have also started learning basic ABAP, to broaden my knowledge and to make myself a little aware of SAP development. It feels good to make my first steps in the development world and I am happy to do this at Oliver IT. I have faith that I will remain able to self improve , with some help along the way, and be able to be a valuable contributor to this beautiful bunch.

With proud regards,

Martijn Samuels, Junior Consultant Oliver IT.

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