Author: Martien Merks

Efficiency, customization helps

A lot of companies are looking for ways to let their personnel work more efficiently. Some are even standing next to an employee with a stopwatch to see if an action can be done a little faster. But is that really where the profit lies?

An increasing amount of processes are supported digitally. The factory worker receives every bit of information required for product assembly on his console. No more paper, which is fine, especially in Corona times. But then he gets asked to register his hours, or whether he can write off materials. Every step is automated, the IT department is proud. The user is a little less happy. He has a program that gives him his work instruction, another from HR to log his hours, and yet another for stock management…

This is where inefficiency comes from. Having to switch continuously, continuously using other user interfaces. It would help to couple all individually good applications, to create one custom app. This way, the end user can perform all necessary actions in one application. Quick, simple, and no redundant information! These apps can also be built quickly, for example using a low code platform such as Mendix.

Oliver IT is glad to help you adapt this process improvement into a business improvement!

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