Author: Martien Merks

Formula 1 and Data

As a Formula 1 fan and supporter of Max Verstappen, I too am watching his performances this season, unfortunately only on TV. In a recent past I have been able to visit the factory in Milton Keys and know that a lot of staff there is busy researching data in order to perform even better.

Can you imagine that they would say: "I don't need data, because my gut feeling says that this measure will make us 0.1 second faster"?

Of course not. For Formula 1 it's clear. Everything revolves around data, as you can read in this article from

An overview of data as used in Formula 1 racing. Source image: An overview of data as used in Formula 1 racing. Source image:

You can see clearly where the Red Bull car is lacking this year and then look for the solution in a focused way.

How do you do that in your company? Do you have the data available to gain this amount of insight into your processes and performance? Or is this based on gut feeling? We are happy to help you analyse your data, prepare it and make it available, so that you can offer it to your employees in a structured way; ready for use. With this ready-to-use data you can also have your co-workers make analyses. With these analyses, they can suggest improvements that will allow your organisation to take that advantage that will be just as important to your organisation as the 0.1 second that will lead to 1st or 2nd place within formula 1. This using a standard management tool to stay sharp and continuously improve.

We are happy to help you to use your Data as a tool.

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Martien Merks.

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