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Author: Sally-Ann van Nuland

Go-live van de app voor weginspecteurs Provincie Noord-Holland

Oliver IT has produced the mobile app for road surveyors for Provincie Noord-Holland. The application supports the road inspectors with the inspection of provincial roads and the reports of incidents within the province (Noord-Holland)

The tasks within the application will be synchronized 24/7 with the Local Traffic Control Platform (Andes). The current road work locations are on a map and the inspector can fill in his forms via this digital route. Next to inspections the app also shows the necessary forms for reporting an incident, notes and enforcement in general. After filling in certain forms the inspector can validate the person or persons who need to receive the forms. The forms will automatically be saved within Oliver Elements, our own cloud platform, and send out to the validated persons. Because of the sync this information is available for all the users op the mobile app.

In case of an incident the inspector is obliged to report the incident with all the required information. After this, all other proceedings are done by the contractors. The saved forms in Oliver Elements are used for the report system; Qlickview.

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