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Together everything is more fun!

In an earlier blog we shared that the annual Oliver IT Hackathon took place. The upcoming blogs will focus on the four solutions realized during the hackathon. Last week was dedicated to Dagplan-r, an application that digitizes the use of pictorial signs. This week, last but not least: 'Ja, Doen!', the solution against loneliness. The winner of the Oliver IT Hackathon 2020!

Meet "Ja, Doen!”

Part of the Oliver IT Hackathon and creators of “Ja, Doen!”.

The creators of " Ja, Doen!" are:

Allard van der Ouw, Full-stack Developer

Sander van Laarhoven, Front-end Developer

Hanneke van Gastel, General Manager

Together everything is more fun!

From the three presented social themes, the team of 'Ja, Doen!' has chosen to work with the theme of loneliness. A large part (43%) of the Dutch population feels lonely or very lonely. Although the present time is characterized by hyper-connectivity between people, emotional loneliness appears to be increasing enormously.

For the elderly there are already many programmes available such as OOPOEH and Buddy, but for the non-elderly the offer is limited. Since this group is largely known digitally, we have identified this group as a target group. We want to offer this target group a medium to become less lonely together.

Ja, Doen!

"Ja, Doen!" brings people together in a simple and accessible way to do something together. If you are lonely and feel like going out, you can use 'Ja, Doen!' to easily look for like-minded people in your neighbourhood.

By means of an algorithm the app will automatically form a group with like-minded participants and an activity will automatically be shown that takes the wishes of the group into account.

After the group is formed, the participants can vote "for" or "against" the activity until an activity is found that makes all participants happy. During this step the participants can also chat with each other in order to come to an agreement and plan the activity.

How did we realize this solution?

In the technical design, we took into account that the application should work on any device, without the need to install an app. Therefore we chose to create a Responsive Web App with React. Because of this, the application will work on all contemporary devices with a web browser.

Because real-time information needs to be displayed on the screen for the interaction between users, the WebSocket protocol has to be used. We chose to use MongoDB Stitch in combination with Change Streams. Using this technique, the mobile devices register themselves on the database and adjustments to the data can be displayed directly on the screen. This technique is therefore perfectly suited for chat applications with a lot of interaction.

Why the Oliver IT Hackathon is so much fun!

Allard van der Ouw, Full-stack Developer

It was a lot of fun to take part in the hackathon with this team. After having made some beginners mistakes last year, this year I and the team focused on an interesting and successful demo without spending time on irrelevant features #DTSTTCPW. And in the end I won as well!

Sander van Laarhoven, Front-end Developer

"This year another chance to participate after having had a nice experience with the previous hackathon. I knew immediately what my ideal team would be and everyone was enthusiastic. It was again a top event! All good diverse teams, each of them with a unique solution! Together with our team we got the most out of this hackathon and also took the win. ;-)"

Hanneke van Gastel, General Manager

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