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Social issue tastefully tackled

In the previous blog we shared that the annual Oliver IT Hackathon took place. The next four blogs will focus on the four solutions realized during the hackathon. This week's theme is S'UP, an application that tackles loneliness among young people.

Meet the S’Upporters

Part of the Oliver IT Hackathon and creators of S'Up, the tasteful connectivity platform.

The team the S'Upporters consists of:

René van Mil, Chief Technology Officer

Oliver Pütz, Account Manager Sales

Robbert van Leeuwen, Front-end Developer

Loneliness among elderly and young people

From the three presented social themes, the S'Upporters have chosen to work with the theme of loneliness. A large part (43%) of the Dutch population feels lonely or very lonely. Although the present time is characterized by hyperconnectivity between people, emotional loneliness appears to be increasing enormously.

Although the government recognizes this problem, most of the solutions and initiatives are aimed at a subgroup, namely the elderly. The S'Up project focuses on a different target group: lonely young people between 16-26 years old. One of the most painful moments of loneliness is having dinner alone.

Home alone, yet eating together!

To this end, we have developed a video chat platform aimed at bringing young people together in a safe environment. Logged in users indicate their interests and are automatically linked and provided with 'Breakfasts'; a list of conversation topics based on the common interests.

The user is strongly encouraged to eat together with the conversation partner or even (remotely) cook together. For this purpose, both integration with recipe and ingredient delivery services are built in, as well as meal delivery services. If the user wants to have several conversations per session, he can add himself back into the matching queue by means of a 'swipe'.

With S'Up, loneliness during meals is a thing of the past!

How did we realize this solution?

S'UP is a web app that works in modern internet browsers. This means that you can use the app on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, without having to install anything.

For the front-end we used React, which we wrote with TypeScript. The React app communicates with the Oliver Cloud to retrieve an authorization token for the video platform Twilio. In this way we have established the video connection and it is possible to communicate with each other in real-time.

Why the Oliver IT Hackathon is so much fun!

René van Mil, Chief Technology Officer

"Trying new things without risk or tinkering with something without having to immediately think about architecture, cost and quality; as a consultant you hardly ever get that opportunity. During the annual Oliver Hackathon we forget everything but our creativity and technical skills for 24 hours. And the result is there again! All teams have come up with smart, innovative and creative solutions".

Robbert van Leeuwen, Front-End Developer

"The great thing about the Hackathon is that you can try out new techniques in a creative way. In addition, you can learn a lot in a short time and have a lot of fun with your colleagues".

Oliver Pütz, Sales Account Manager

"The Hackathon is a creative pressure cooker that requires more than a technical approach. As a sales person you can focus your expertise on business plan, customer journey, and presentation".

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