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Help, my child is missing! Waar is Guusje?

In an earlier blog we shared that the annual Oliver IT Hackathon took place. The upcoming blogs will focus on the four solutions realized during the hackathon. Last week was all about S'UP, an application that tackles loneliness among young people. This week we like to bring 'Waar is Guusje?' under the attention.

Meet ‘Waar is Guusje?’

Part of the Oliver IT Hackathon and makers of 'Waar is Guusje':

The team consists of:

Femke Hoogstad, Mendix Developer

Lalit Mahapatra, Front-end Developer

Hans Gmelig-Meyling, Principal Consultant

Michiel van Sebille, Manager Management

Help, my child is missing!

From the three presented social themes, the team of 'Waar is Guusje?' has chosen to work with the theme 'help, my child is missing'. The problem: children play outside in a busy street or in an environment where many strangers live. After a while, parents wonder: I don't see my child on the street anymore, would my child be in the playground, or maybe at a boyfriend's house?

If you cannot find your child immediately, you would like to call in the help of your neighbours, without having to immediately sound a major alarm.

Waar is Guusje?

Waar is Guusje?' is a platform, including a mobile app on which parents can sign up. They can use the app to connect with other parents in their area. In this way, each parent creates an "Inner Circle" for themselves.

Through the app, one can indicate to other parents that a child is playing with them. Or they can indicate that they have seen a child somewhere on a location (playground, football field, etc.).

You can also use the app to make a call to ask: where is my child? This call can be given priority. If a child is actually lost, this will of course have a higher priority than if they want the child to come to dinner on time.

How did we realize this solution?

We have chosen to use Mendix, a low code platform, which is very suitable to realize something in a short period of time. Our experienced Mendix Developer Femke convinced us of this choice. During the development it turned out to be the right route.

We put the various talents in our team to good use, using the following approach:

Hans was able to take the team along well in drawing up the data model and establishing relationships between the tables. Lalit was a good sparring partner to test everything.

Michiel designed the screens together with Lalit and after that Femke went to work with Hans on the realization of the data model. Finally, based on the data model, Femke put together a demo within a short period of time and we were allowed to use the rest of the time to work out the funtionalities.

By using Mendix, we were able to realise a fairly complete app within 24 hours. We also found it a very nice experience to be able to realize this as a team so quickly.

Why the Oliver IT Hackathon is so much fun!

Femke Hoogstad, Mendix Developer

"For me, it was the first hackathon. It was great fun to see how, in miniature, a project goes from idea to product".

Lalit Mahapatra, Front-end Developer

"A hackathon is fun, an Oliver hackathon is much more fun... The Oliver hackathon is an excellent platform to (experience) something beautiful with your colleagues".

Hans Gmelig-Meyling, Principal Consultant

"Normal projects rarely bring unexpected technical impulses. You have to either start formal R&D projects, or rely more on the creativity of your employees. And that's exactly what a hackathon is all about."

Michiel van Sebille, Manager Application Management

"The creative process and then from nothing... making something and being able to apply it right away, I really enjoyed the hackathon. “

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