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Interview SAP integration specialist Jeroen Jansen

One of the services Oliver IT is working on is integration of applications within existing SAP environments. To give more insight into this, we are looking over the shoulder of colleague Jeroen Jansen today. He is an SAP Integration Consultant and is involved on a daily basis in devising and implementing integration solutions specifically for SAP. Many companies today work with SAP as their ERP system. Non SAP applications need to be integrated and linked in the right way. Specialists such as Jeroen ensure that this is done efficiently. He regularly faces interesting challenges, which makes his work a lot of fun.

From Kadaster to Oliver IT

In his position at Kadaster he learned to work with SAP and gained his first experience with SAP integration and SAP workflow. Out of interest and curiosity he swapped his position as a SAP specialist on the user side for a SAP position in consultancy. There are many consultancy companies in this market. But Oliver IT stood head and shoulders above Jeroen.

Jeroen says: "The company size of Oliver IT appealed to me, a not too big company with a fine ons-kent-ons culture and no layers in the organization. From the beginning, the humour and the general job satisfaction that reigns there appealed to me enormously". "I made a big step to go from end user to consultant. That was possible with Oliver IT. This transition went very smoothly for me. When I look back now, after 5 years, I'm very happy that I made that step".

The best thing is to solve the performance problem

"A project of which I am really proud is a project at PostNL, where we realised the migration from SAP PI to Ctac Cloud. That was a project with many challenges. We had divided the migration into several clusters. The last cluster in particular, which included an important customer portal, was exciting. Solving the performance problem really made me surpass myself. By delving into the matter and methodically coming up with solutions until all systems performed well again. That gives me a kick," says Jeroen proudly.

Jeroen: "This project has also brought me enormous personal development. After this, I have grown from an executive to a coordinating function. Now I am a Customer Application Owner, where I am responsible for everything that happens within the existing applications. I also do some planning and administration. That suits me well. On the one hand the technology and on the other hand a piece of management.

Growth to business development

Jeroen has in the 5 years that he is on board of the team of Oliver IT a nice development as SAP specialist. His ambition is to grow further in the direction of business development and innovation. "I would like to focus on our positioning in the field of SAP related integration. I also want to be familiar with the latest techniques that are available in our field. Because that way I can also tackle challenging projects and issues," Jeroen explains.

What can a company call Oliver IT for?

Companies with integration challenges, who want to optimize the performance of SAP PI (Process Integration), SAP PO (Process Orchestration). "Either when a company operates multiple business-critical synchronous interfaces in its SAP environment and they experience that they are not performing well, you need to call us. I dare say that we solve all conceivable performance issues. In addition, we offer a number of integration products, - and services that can serve as a kickstarter for improving or determining the future integration architecture," Jeroen concludes.

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