Author: Gerben Moerland

The Warehouse of Bouwcenter Nelemans in control with an App

From December Bouwcenter Nelemans went live with a Warehouse Management Application (WMS) developed by Oliver IT based on the Mendix platform.

Nelemans has asked Oliver IT to take a close look at the logistics process and to jointly consider how the fully paper process can be replaced by an automated system / App.

The realized Warehouse Management Application is based on the specific logistics processes of Inbound, Outbound and Storage at Bouwcenter Nelemans and is fully in line with the existing back office system. In the warehouse, the paper has now been replaced by a full-fledged WMS and the employees work with a scanner equipped with an App. There is now direct insight and overview of the (customer) specific stock down to the last detail.

Thanks to this solution, Bouwcenter Nelemans can respond faster and more directly to the demands of customers and efficiency in the Warehouse will increase.

After the joint definition of the processes, the application is structured in such a way that it makes maximum use of the existing IT systems and data by integrating them with the new WMS. Users exchange paper for an App that works user-friendly and efficiently.

Erik Stam, Logistics Manager at Bouwcenter Nelemans: “The processing speed will be greatly improved with the WMS. This is especially beneficial for the processing of customer-specific orders. We also expect to gain better control over stock, because all stock is now known on location. The collaboration with Oliver IT was excellent. A fantastic application was delivered in a short time. ”

Gerben Moerland, Director Oliver IT: “With the Mendix platform, Bouwcenter Nelemans now has a strategic platform with which we can develop new applications and functions in a short time. This allows us to respond quickly to organizational needs and increase efficiency in “traditional” processes ”.

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