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Author: Ioana Kanda, Ronald Janssen

What is Internet of Things?

There has been a big buzz around Internet of Thing, IoT in short, but what do we actually mean with this term and what can we expect of the future.

Internet of Things can be described as a network of fysical objects, quipped with electronics, that can communicate with their environment and thereby make our lives a lot easier. IT is all about the concept of object that a knowledgeable, recognizable, localizable, addressable and checkable via the internet.

Processes and Things Processes and Things

Added value 
For example; if a machine has broken-down, but can communicate this on its own, an operator can see this on his screen. An advantage of this is another process can be put in place as well. The system can simultaneously address a mechanic and send this person to the location of the broken device or machine. Repairs can be done quicker and downtime can be shortened.

  • Optimize excisting processes and tasks
  • Create beter planning- decision management
  • Options for new product features, services and revenue

Internet of Things is a network of smart and interacting objects that can collect, share and communicate data within business processes.

The future of IoT 
Working in a smarter way by using data is an option that is getting within reach. More and more machines and objects are being connected to each other. Internet of Things will grow vastly in the upcoming years. You can think about voice opperated devices or machines that will send out a message when overheated. Read our next blogs to learn more.

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