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Author: Sally-Ann van Nuland, Ronald Janssen

34,1% of all companies is using IoT

In our previous blog about the subject; Internet of Things, some examples were given that we can encounter in our daily lives. However business wise IoT offers companies maybe even more. According to IDC (International Data Corporation) 34,1% of all companies already have a IoT solution in use. The expectation is that this amount will online grow since IoT is making work processes easier, more efficient and cheaper.

It is all about minimizing risks or mistakes, planning and the reduction of downtime in the automation industry. IoT, in this case, is mainly used for monitoring and maintance. If we look at a production facility back in the old days someone needed to physically check the machines. Later on we gained more intelligence and the lifespan was calculated and added to the maintenance planning, but next to the lifespan machines can show other errors as well. By using data via different sensors these errors can be checked, fixed or even prevented.

Ofcourse this goes for the machine itself, but sensors can also be used for the production process itself. A product can be checked digitally: weight, cracks in the glass or scanning a missing lid or cap. Even a change of product in weight or size can be read by sensors. In this way an employee doesn’t have to change the settings of a machine manually.

When it comes to warehousing, where you can find multiple forms of digitizing and machining, it is mostly about reducing mistakes, errors and efficiency. DHL is showing what connectivity can do in warehousing.

Even in healthcare, IoT is used for monitoring and maintenance, but also to improve processes and reduce costs. For example there are patient beds that can communicate with the smartphones of care takers via sensors. When a patient has left te bed, or something else worth mentioning, a notification will be send to the care taker. In this way people can respond more accurate. The electric car is a trend poduct that is bursting of IoT. Almost everything can be read out and be connected to several devices. The car can be connected to the gates of a house of at the job, but the usage and maintenance can be shown on a smartphone as well. And there is another element that comes with the electric car. The loading stations. There are more and more installed on the streets. The companies responsible for this can use IoT for maintenance and the reduction of downtime. Planning and monitoring will ve getting more easy for these companies.

Within Retail indoor localization services and devices are becoming the perfect way ro reach out to customers. In this way you can create personalised offers or addition product information can be showns on a device depending on their location in the store. When a customer is roaming around their device can receive pop up messages and such, but how will we know what favorites they have? Well loyalty cards are already working on this information. Oliver IT can help you get ready for and start up your own IoT experience. Reach out via the options below.

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