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Author: Sally-Ann van Nuland

Smart objects

As stated in previous blog about IoT we cannot ignore the subject. It is not a matter of wanting or ability to add it on to the management of you company, but it is a matter of having to. It has become a must. Connecting ‘Things’ to let them communicate and carry our a process without the need of any human interference, is going to rapidly develop as a concept in the upcoming years, but when did it start? 

Of course we won’t bore you with the invention of the internet itself (1969 till 1990), but we take a step to 1999. The former RFID, Radio-frequency identification, was the future and a lot of research was put into it. This was also done by the British; Kevin Ashton, inventor of the term Internet of Things. He wanted to use RFID to localize and identify objects to automate processes. The idea to out RFID in use fir debit cards, pets, transport, security and even medical reports popped up even earlier: 1969. RFID is mainly about locating and identifying objects, which are still necessities within IoT.

The creation of smart object is not a new concept and we can see these usages in our daily lives right now. Despite of this fact, IoT is on the rise in a renewed form. One of the reasons is the downside of the use of the RFID technology. Security, privacy and reliability are demands that can’t be met. Locating and identifying via the internet is providing more options when it comes to the requirements of today. Want to know more? Book our Discovery workshop or leave your details below. 

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