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"IT plays an important role in ensuring our business continuity".

These are strange times. But with good relationships, a supplier now finds a way to deliver added value. Oliver has many of these relationships, where nowadays they often work remotely, without any significant performance impact. For example PostNL. In the context of Oliver IT's 10th anniversary, we have developed a series of jubilee reviews. This article focuses on the many years of cooperation between PostNL and Oliver IT, of which we are very proud.

"IT plays an important role in ensuring our business continuity".

Erik Jan Yntema is Director IT Operations at PostNL, market leader in the postal and parcels market. The collaboration with Oliver IT goes back to 2009. Erik explains how in all these years Oliver IT has proven to be an important partner that has guided integrations and played a part in delivering mail faster to its customers. Discover in this anniversary review how this giant in mail and parcels deals with its IT challenges.

Ensuring our continuity

"For a company like PostNL it is necessary to grow along with constant change," says Erik Jan. "The postal market has declined significantly in recent years, while the parcels market has grown strongly. Mail alone is no longer sufficient, which is why we have to keep up with developments arising from online shopping. We need to guarantee the continuity of the company in the long term. That's why it is important to anticipate market developments, keep costs low and continue to invest in growth. Our IT department plays an important role in this and we work closely with Oliver IT as a valuable partner".

Collaboration with trusted forces

"Within PostNL we work from a central IT department in which the sub-departments each work on a specific theme," explains Erik Jan. "We are from operational IT. We manage all the hardware and software running within PostNL. We make sure that people have workstations, arrange the telephony and support the use of devices. We also take care of connectivity and data management between PostNL and customers and suppliers. We do all this with a team of around 130 IT professionals, who we manage with 4 managers".

Oliver IT solved various issues from a high level of involvement

"Since 2009, we have been using Oliver IT's expertise to constantly grow to the desired level in the IT field and to meet all the additional challenges", says Erik Jan. This goes back to the period when we managed and integrated our own SAP systems. At that time, Oliver IT, as SAP professional, mainly supported us in the area of integrations. Thanks to the long cooperation, the trusted strengths of Oliver IT know our organization very well. The high level of involvement in exports is commendable. For example, this was noticed when our entire SAP environment was migrated from PostNL to Ctac. Although Oliver IT was not primarily responsible, they solved several issues that arose during this migration. It was also very pleasant that we were able to switch quickly and that there was open communication. That is a strength that I see throughout the entire Oliver IT organisation".

In our industry it's all about fast, simple and together

"PostNL now lives by the adage; 'fast, simple and together'. That means that this must be implemented in all areas of the organisation", says Erik Jan. "We have become much more flexible in delivering mail. We have greatly accelerated and improved the process of becoming a customer, the location where mail is delivered and the extent to which someone can track a parcel and receive an invoice. Within PostNL we are currently working with many different apps, each with its own requirements and functionalities. It is therefore a great compliment to Oliver IT that we have been able to make this improvement without bothering the customer".

Craftsmanship, commitment and drive

"For me, the relationship with Oliver IT is more than just business and commercial. I have personal and good contact with everyone in the company. In addition, I can taste the sincere interest from the people of Oliver IT in the company PostNL. They want to understand our business and see it as a nice challenge to set up business processes within our field as simple and efficient as possible. This is a good example of how craftsmanship and expertise come together with commitment and drive," explains Erik Jan.

Able to grow with us

"The cooperation between PostNL and Oliver IT continues to grow simultaneously. Where we develop as an organisation, we see that Oliver IT is able to grow along with it. This is where their strong innovative power comes to the fore, as they are always looking into new IT developments and are at the forefront of them. Over the years, Oliver IT has maintained a stable course towards their customers, despite the fact that the market and technology has changed at a rapid pace. Whereas with many suppliers you notice with time and space that they have to take certain bumps, this has never been the case with Oliver IT. At least, we haven't experienced that. It's a certain mentality that they have that is very pleasant to work with. Which makes me wonder whether they realise at all that they radiate this to the outside world", Erik Jan concludes his story.

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