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Author: Sally-Ann van Nuland

Developments within logistics

Luckily the economy is on its way up and the Transport and Distribution sector is not excluded from this continuous ride. This doesn´t however mean that there is no common threat for companies anymore. Thanks to rapid development within IT and digital environments expectations are getting higher and higher for logistics, distribution and transport. Competition is tense and changing your game is no longer an option is has become a necessity.

Planning and route
Delivering goods, either consumer goods or heavy load within B2B, in the most efficient way will keep companies ahead of their competition. Time and costs-savings provide an extra sum to invest in the future of the company. In brief; correct planning (time and date), optimizing the ride and route, optimizing the load per vehicle and only use the necessary manpower is important. Correct IT can make a difference for planning in time and route. Especially when it comes to connected systems that are processing real time information. 

The consumer is being spoiled by all the developments within logistics and distribution. The expectation is set to very rapid delivery. Sometimes even on the same day. Within Business to Business a fast delivery can give you an advantage on your competition. Furthermore it has become normal that every delivery or load is trackable. This type of transparency is demanding connected systems and a correct form of data processing. 

The end-users of IT solutions are used to having everything within their reach and that everything is shown in an easy and over viewable way. That is why it is frustrating that the end-user isn’t getting this type of user experience at work. They are often confronted with endless clicking and confusing displays of information. Userfriendliness of work related applications is getting more and more important since it can improve efficiency and leaves the end-user less frustrated.

To ensure further growth of a company you need expertise and an overview in regards of IT. Oliver IT is offering these services with great pleasure. Next to customized apps we are creating a Distribution app that can be seen as a ready-to-go product. Optimized planning, with real time data as a condition, is the core of this application.

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