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MMathieu van Tilburg started as new Solution Architect

Oliver IT has a great team of IT professionals to put together. Each with his own specialization. We speak with new team member Mathieu van Tilburg, who started as Solution Architect in January 2019. He talks about his background and his future at Oliver IT.

From cook to the IT industry

Mathieu van Tilburg, 45 years old and a Brabander at heart, tells how he switched from a professional chef to IT. A special turn in his career that he made very well-considered at the time. "I was originally trained as a chef," says Mathieu. "Being a chef is a heavy profession, you make long days under high pressure and you often work 6 days a week. I was still young and I wasn't ready for that. A professional selection test showed that the IT sector would be suitable for me. I had a lot of affinity with IT, besides that it was a booming business about 25 years ago. So I tackled that with both hands and that's how I entered the IT world. I worked for years as a SAP functional application manager and later as a SAP consultant".

Oliver IT hires people who fit the organization

Mathieu already knew Oliver IT from several people in his network. "My impression was that Oliver IT is a very technical club. I see myself more as a functional man. Still, their interest in me makes me curious and I started talking. Here I was offered the position of Solution Architect. A different function than I had thought of beforehand. But when I took a good look at it, it actually turned out to suit me as a person very well. In addition, the culture within Oliver IT appealed to me. They hire people who fit the organization as a person. The person comes for his CV. Based on that, I saw that I would feel happy here," Mathieu explains.

The lynchpin between customer and developer during the entire process Mathieu: "In my new role as Solution Architect, I take the position between the client and the developer. This means that I clearly map out a customer's question and come up with the best technical solution. I then ensure that this is successfully implemented in the form of apps".

"I represent both the client's and the developer's interests. On the one hand, I sit with the client to isolate the problem. Sometimes this turns out to be different from what is thought in advance, or the problem has yet to be found. We do this by diving into the business processes and very specifically getting the bottlenecks on the table. Then we improve these processes by coming up with software solutions for them. On the other hand, I will work with the developers who will technically realise the solution that has been devised. I then do the project management, the budget monitoring, the documentation after delivery. Throughout the entire process, I am and will remain the point of contact to the customer," Mathieu explains.

We are SAP minded

Oliver IT is known as a specialist partner in the realization of smart technical solutions within SAP environments. Mathieu has also been familiar with this ERP system for years. "What I find very good about Oliver IT's approach is that all the apps and integrations they develop are 'SAP future proof'. We have a team of specialists who are SAP minded and know exactly how to take this into account in advance. When SAP goes through changes, we often easily adapt apps that have already been developed".

Learn new skills. You can with Oliver.

Mathieu is very enthusiastic about his new role within Oliver IT. "I am looking forward to mastering this new specialization. I am very happy to learn new skills, because I like to continuously improve myself. I also really believe that you go to work more happily when you keep learning. It's nice that I'm at a club where this is stimulated. There is a nice dynamic here between the specializations and characters. That results in nice mutual collaborations. I love that!" close Mathieu up nicely.

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