Author: Martien Merks

Not so smart, copy software… ..

Not so smart, copy software… ..

We at Oliver don't believe in that. Why would you recreate software that is 5, 10 or more years old? Probably because it is specific to you and does exactly what you still do today.

But what you ignore is that the environment in which you work is constantly changing.

  • Your suppliers would like to use your information via digital protocols
  • Your customers would like to make more use of digital information, instead of paper
  • Your own employees have the opportunity to do much more with the mobile devices than when you had the “old software” built .

Oliver IT therefore always starts with a Scan to map out your current business process. And to look at the possibilities to make that process simpler. This can be done by smartly connecting applications, but also by adding innovative components that, for example, do things that are now being done by people.

The tools used today to generate these applications are much more efficient than those used 5 or 10 years ago. For example, Low-Code tools such as Mendix or Outsystems can be used, but also development environments such as React.

Thanks to these tools, developing software for your business process is always faster than before. So don't hesitate to ask the question, we are happy to help you replace your old software with an up-to-date application that also supports the necessary capabilities of today and tomorrow.


Martien Merks

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