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New landingspage!

We proudly present you our completely renewed landing page!

Because time and developments are not standing still, it was time to renew our landing page for the On the new landing page you can find very detailed information about the

The biggest changes of our new landing page at a glance:
• The branches are described in more detail,
• The prices & features are clearly displayed,
• There are a number of customer cases to admire,
• A number of frequently asked questions have been answered,
• You can request a demo of our Service yourself.

We are sure that we can serve you even better with our completely renewed country page!

What and for what purpose is the Service
Implementing / facilitating companies have to deal with customers every day who want to use their services. Maybe something has broken or a new door, window, lamp or other part has to be delivered. Customers often cannot estimate how long the delivery will take or repeatedly submit the same malfunction / request. is an accessible tool with which your customers can quickly and easily submit faults or requests that you can manage and process centrally.

The Servicemelding.appis is made for the following branches:

• Construction

• Real Estate

• Production

• Rental.

Click on the URL and we hope you get a good idea of the possibilities:

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