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Oliver Connect: Using e-invoicing with SAP via PEPPOL

Simple e-invoicing with SAP? This is now possible with the Oliver Connect PEPPOL service. Oliver Connect integrates your SAP environment with the PEPPOL network. This means exchanging 100% electronic documents with all (local) government institutions and companies connected to the network. The solution can be realized with a relatively low investment within any desired architecture. Because we offer standard links on SAP, you avoid having to reinvent the wheel and make e-invoicing a real success within your organization.


E-invoicing is the electronic sending/receiving and automatic processing of an invoice. This goes a step further than sending an invoice electronically in e.g. a pdf-file. An e-invoice is created in a structured electronic file that must comply with a standard.


PEPPOL is a document standardization for the whole of Europe and sets the standard for the exchange of electronic documents. All electronic transactions are conducted via secure connections (or 'Access Points') between suppliers and governments. There is full integration with your ERP system to automate the entire process. In Europe alone there are 136 secure connections to which you can connect.


Is the majority of your suppliers and/or customers not yet connected to PEPPOL? No problem. For this purpose we offer an add-on to our Oliver Connect PEPPOL service which allows invoices offered via e-mail in PDF or Word format to be automatically processed in SAP based on a pay-per-use model.

Oliver Connect

Oliver Connect is the Integration as a Service platform of Oliver IT. Integration as a Service means complete peace of mind when it comes to integration. We take care of the platform, possible migration of existing interfaces, management and development of new interfaces based on a T-shirt size pricing model.

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