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Oliver Hackaton renamed Thuisathon 2020

Last Thursday, November 5, the time had come again, at 4:00 PM the starting shot was given for the third Oliver hackathon, which has been renamed Homeathon 2020 this year! After a review of the previous hackathons and a short check of the different teams and rules, everyone could start the 24 hour race to a sharp pitch and beautiful demo.

This year was, as we are used to in 2020, different from usual. After all, we couldn't all sit in the office, hence the name “Homeathon”; all participants were therefore at work at home. Fortunately, we could virtually sit together in the same room.

On Friday, November 6, they worked very hard, because the clock started ticking to finish the slides and demos that were to be presented to each other and to the jury at 16:00. This year there were no fewer than six different presentations:

  • Home Planner (Robbert): an app that makes it easier for families and groups to combine working from home with private life.
  • Dentassist (Marçal): an application that allows dental practices to easily gain insight into their procedures and required materials.
  • Opinionator (Hans, Martijn, Reinout): a news aggregator who tries to break through “social media bubbles” with a unique user experience.
  • Form (René): an application that can be used to create flexible, portable and offline digital forms.
  • Oliver Mobile (Lalit): a mobile implementation of a project portal where an existing productive API was completely reused.
  • Timely (Allard, Michiel, Willem): a cloud integration solution with which, among other things, Exact hour codes are automatically created based on new notifications in TOPdesk.

In terms of technology, the solutions were very interesting. React Native was a standout favorite for two teams. The familiar Node.js and React were also used by three teams. One that immediately stood out was ABAP in the cloud. And what was really nice is that an integration solution has been built this year!

The jury was very impressed with all the results. Everyone was told that they had given a nice solution, neat presentation and a good live demo. Choosing a winner was therefore a difficult task. Ultimately, the choice for a completely new technique combined with an individual performance was the deciding factor; Marçal came out with his Dentassist as the winner of the Homeathon 2020!

As you are used to from us as well as for the new followers, we will publish a number of blogs in the coming weeks that will elaborate on the different 2020 Homeathon topics as listed earlier. So keep an eye on our LinkedIn page and our website.

Do you want to know more or does one of the topics trigger you? Do not hesitate and contact us and we will gladly take you into the world of Oliver IT and the specific topics of the Homeathon 2020.

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