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Author: Sally-Ann van Nuland, Hanneke van Gastel

Recognition in Business Transformation

As a finalist, together with our customer DNWG, october 6th was an exciting day when the SAP Quality Awards took place. In a unique way SAP let us know that we won in the category of Business Transformation! We are proud of the entire team that worked on this extraordinary project. Colleagues and DNWG thank you and of course congratulations on this wonderful recognition of your hard work.

SAP Quality Awards

During the SAP Quality Awards companies and projects that have distinguish themselves by implementing SAP software solutions are celebrated and honored. The companies and project teams have to make sure they:

  • Planned, carried out and controlled their implementations efficiently.
  • Implemented rapidly and have realized a fast ROI.
  • Simplified processes and contributed to the organization with important advantages.

Business Transformation

DNWG was using SAP MAM, but this systems was running out of maintenance. Initially this was the reason to start up the project named MOTO. Next to this there was a stated wish to optimize the outage handling. This process contained a lot of manual and double steps. After implementing a mobile application engineers can work faster, better, while making less mistakes during the insertion of records. 

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