Author: Robbert van Leeuwen

Oliver IT Hackathon 2020

Realise, within 24 hours, an app that contributes to the solution of a social issue. An impossible task? Or a nice challenge to work with a small team of colleagues? The four teams that participated in the annual Oliver IT Hackathon thought the latter!

At Oliver IT, we are always working on innovative IT Technology. In doing so, we look for solutions to their business problems at a high level, together with the client. Organising a Hackathon puts the creativity and solving ability of the participants to the test and is also a great teambuilding activity which they participate in with great pleasure.

This year we have chosen to work with concrete, social themes.:

  • Loneliness among the elderly and the young: Come up with a solution to bring together people who are lonely and people who want to help.
  • Support in the daily schedule for people with intellectual disabilities: People with intellectual disabilities are supported in their daily schedule by means of daily changing pictograms. Think of a solution to digitise these pictograms to make it easier to work with them.
  • Help my child is lost: Young children play outside and with their friends in the neighbourhood. It's hard for parents to keep track of what they're up to and sometimes a child gets lost. Think of a solution for parents in a neighbourhood to indicate who belongs to whom and to ask the neighbourhood if your child is with someone.

The techniques used this year were diverse. A team opted for a low code solution based on Mendix, the latest Oliver Elements techniques were put into practice and video and chat integrations were realised.

The jury was impressed by what was realised within 24 hours: four working solutions with fantastic pitches. It was therefore difficult to make a choice from the apps 'Waar is Guusje', 'Dagplan-R', 'Ja-Doen' and 'S-UP'.

Curious about the apps and which of these four won the Hackathon?

The next four Tuesdays we will present each app on our website!

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Peter Schults SAP Net weaver expert
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