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Author: Jeroen Koenraad

Servicemelding.App: for the smart service provider

Executive/facilitating companies have to deal every day with customers who want to make use of their services. Perhaps something has broken or a new door, window, lamp or other equipment needs to be delivered. Customers often cannot estimate how long the delivery will take or repeatedly pass on the same fault/request.

We developed a smart solution in the form of the Servicemelding.App.

Servicemelding.App is a light-weight tool that allows your customers to quickly and easily send you faults or requests that you can manage and process centrally. Whether you are a large service provider or an independent handyman, Servicemelding.App makes customer contact easier!

"An easy tool made for all your devices."

The first customers are now using this tool and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive:

"Our customers are dear to us. In the old way of working, a department head called if there was a problem. Before we could take action, we had to make an estimate, often schedule a visit and then work towards the solution. Now the customer reports the problem via the Oliver Servicemelding.App. He can use it to send photos and usually that's enough to get started. Through direct communication, the customer receives all the updates of the report and the handling is much more efficient for everyone".

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