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Author: Sally-Ann van Nuland

Struyk has succecfully launched the logistics apps from Oliver IT

’s-Hertogenbosch, feb 1, 2016 – At the end of 2016 Oliver IT gained the attention of Struyk Verwo Infra (CRH) because of their proposal for their separate truckdriver app and forklift driver app. The references, approach and the story of the owned platform; Oliver Elements were the decisive factors for choosing Oliver It. Since January 2016 over 90% of all the logistical runs were handled via the new digital app. Next to that a survey confirmed the satisfaction of the forklift drivers too. Struyk Verwo Infra (CRH Landscaping) is a market leader in production and delivery of concrete materials for public paving and likes to carry out their role as market leader when it comes to digitizing and app development. On the logistics domain Peter Eikhout, Director Logistics & IT, saw clear possibilities for digitization for the truck- and forklift drivers. Loading and unloading was mainly managed by hardcopy forms.

Technology and specific approach

Oliver IT has got a lot of experience with userfriendly apps based on SAP and non-SAP systems, for example their own platform Oliver Elements. Gerben Moerland, Partner bat Oliver IT and projectmanager as well: “Thanks to the Oliver Elements platform we are able to develop applications relatively fast. The integration with several other apps isn’t a problem either and usability is always one of the top requirements. Our knowledge and experience in combination with an Agile/Scrum approach doesn’t only result in successful projects, but mainly leads to happy end-users and that is what we want!”

About Struyk Verwo Infra

Struyk Verwo Infra is the market leader in The Netherlands for the production and delivery of concrete items for public roads. Struyk Verwo Infra is a part of the Irish company Cement Roadstone Holding plc. CRH is a global producer and distributor of high grade building materials and -products with organisations in 32 countries, 90.000 employees and 3.500 locations.

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