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Struyk Verwo Infra: Innovative within the construction industry

Jubilee interview

Peter Eikhout is Logistics and IT Director at Struyk Verwo Infra, a subsidiary of CRH Europe. Struyk Verwo Infra has been working with Oliver IT for all IT developments within their organisation since 2015. Peter tells us how they have been at the forefront of IT and innovation in their industry for years and how Oliver IT has played a role in this. In this anniversary review we take you into the world of building materials and how you can be distinctive in it.

Urge to digitize

Struyk Verwo Infra is the Dutch market leader in public concrete paving. From the delivery of a traffic-safe residential area to a market square full of character. Struyk Verwo Infra realises a leading and sustainable design of the living environment. Peter explains: "As Logistics and IT Director at Struyk Verwo Infra, I have been focusing on digitising our logistics processes since 2008. The vision of being at the forefront of this within our sector has been alive and well within our organisation for many years. In the meantime, Oliver IT has been our regular partner for many years, taking us by the hand. Together, we have now developed and implemented three applications that simplify our business operations, saving us time and money. It has turned out that Oliver IT's working method matches with Struyk Verwo Infra: pragmatic, down to earth and thinking along with us".

"In 2014, we were looking for a solution to digitise our manual internal and external logistics process. This is how we came into contact with Oliver IT. We had no experience with apps ourselves. The mockup with matching solution that Oliver IT presented to us after the briefing immediately gave us a good picture and the confidence that we could solve our problem with them".

From paper notes to fully digital call for deliveries

Peter's goal was to save time and to make the total logistic process more cost efficient. Peter: "In our sector, civil engineering, it often happens that there are last-minute changes in the call-off of deliveries. Such changes had a major impact on our internal logistics process. We did everything based on paper receipts, which was not flexible. For example, if a delivery was already prepared, and another change came into the office in the meantime, it was very cumbersome to correct it.

Together with Oliver IT, we therefore developed an application that digitized this entire process. Now that process is much more orderly and manageable. An order can be tracked and changed digitally until it is physically prepared. As soon as the order is picked, the sales department can no longer change it".

Fewer vehicles, transport the same volume

At the same time, Struyk Verwo Infra and Oliver IT developed a driver application. "A good example of digitisation that is bearing fruit," says Peter. "Where we first planned all the journeys on paper and our drivers had a lot of paperwork to process, now everything happens on the phone or tablet. The driver completes the journey completely digitally and the customer receives a digital delivery note with a signed document. We have phased in this process because we work with many external drivers. Our customers were immediately enthusiastic about this development, the vouchers were no longer lying around with them. Now we can transport the same volume of freight with fewer vehicles. That gives us a considerable cost advantage".

Customers embrace better service

"The driver application is a great success," Peter says. "All the drivers quickly learned how easy the app works and they experienced the benefits of digitisation. This quickly went on to our customers, who wanted all our drivers to start driving digitally as soon as possible after the first digital journeys. That was another challenge for us to train and deploy all our drivers properly. A great experience and a good example where the customer immediately embraced the service, even though they didn't use the application themselves".

"We now work completely paperless within the company. That is a big win in which Oliver IT has played an important role".

The right match with Oliver IT

"The applications obviously bring benefits within our organization," Peter explains. "What I admire about Oliver IT's consultants is that they are able to correctly translate customer needs into a solution that works. They really take the user's point of view into account. After all, all apps are very user-friendly and easy to work with. The focus is on delivering good work. In fact, that has been working very well since 2015 and I hear that from everyone who comes into contact with Oliver IT from us".

Peter continues: "The SAP knowledge present within Oliver IT fits in seamlessly with the SAP Competence Center of CRH and our organization. So we work in a strong triangle between these three parties that each have their own added value".

Digital call for deliveries

Last year, the cooperation resulted in a third application. Peter explains: "With the new call-off application, the delivery is now done in a user-friendly, digital way. Until recently, we received calls by phone, e-mail or even fax. As explained earlier, the moment a delivery is called can fluctuate a lot, because it depends on many other factors in the building process. That makes it difficult to plan. Internally we already have the app in use, now we are on the eve of rolling it out externally. So that customers can easily and quickly place their delivery calls via the app".

Struyk Verwo Infra remains futureproof

The ambition to further digitise is well embedded within Struyk Verwo Infra. "Internally, the idea is that we want to remain at the forefront. Through Oliver IT, we receive a lot of input about the latest developments and how this can be of added value for our organisation. In this way, we want to avoid being surprised. In the coming years, we still have plenty of processes to digitise. Digitization is high on our agenda now and in the future," Peter explains.

Future-proof by retaining their strength

"Oliver IT has been around for 10 years now and I hope they continue for at least another 10 years," says Peter. "The clear strength of Oliver IT is that they are close to the customer and really think along with the customer. They are down to earth and act pragmatically. If you grow as an organization, these kinds of qualities might fade. I hope that this strength, which we experience as a great advantage with Struyk Verwo Infra, will be retained in the coming years".

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