Author: Sally-Ann van Nuland, Ronald Janssen

IoT in real life

The phenomenon Internet of Things, or so to say: the network of fysical objects, quipped with electronics, that can communicate with their environment and thereby make our lives a lot easier. IT is all about the concept of object that a knowledgeable, recognizable, localizable, addressable and checkable via the internet, can’t be ignored when it comes to the future. Next to the technology, that is in a continious loop of development, a lot of companies are seeing the business opportunities that IoT is providing. Efficiency, less mistakes en less costs are just a few of the possitive side effects of IoT.

Some companies are already using technology, knowledge and data in an innovative way. At the same time technology, knowledge and data is rapidly developing. We like to zoom in on current projects and a vision on the future of the daily use in our home or our hometown.

Smart cities
Accomodating, facilitating, trasporting and protecting hunderd thousands or even millions of people is a challenge. The American city; Seattle has put IoT into use in multiple different ways to take on this challenge. To improve the technical infrastructure of the city, and to make it future proof, the city of Seattle had recently opened up a new datacenter. This was a necessity due to the fact that the old one couldn’t handle the needed capacity any more.

More uses of IoT:

  • Environment; analyzing carbin emissions via a smart tool.
  • Safety; using RainWatch to monitor rainfaal and alarming residents in case of emergency.
  • Trafic; an adaptive system to manage traffic lights in ado, peace or even changes of weather.
  • Smart irrigation; efficient use of water
  • Safety; Shotspotter as a detection technology for policemen
  • Safety; bodycams for policemen

The smartest home of the Netherlands
Stichting Smart Homes from Eindhoven has realized the self-proclaimed; Smartest home of the Netherlands. Domotica and further development of this is one of the four subjects the organization is focusing on. Obviously they are not the only company to have smart homes as a project. Heijmans has got its own version: Slim wonen (smart living). Some beautiful examples of parts of their project:

  • Leave-home button; whenever you leave all connected switched, light and devices will we turned off.
  • Apps; using your phone to manage lighting and other devices.
  • Smoke detectors connected to lights in the house in case of emergency.
  • Energy monitor; to check on your energy consumption

Other examples are smart monitors or the Nespresso Prodigio which allows you to get a cup of coffee by using your smartphone. These examples are not so far fetched. But in the future we might have self driven cars, you can run you bath from your couch ans your TV can be switch on as soon as you enter your driveway. Or maybe you can program your oven just to scan the package of a product or the barcode of a recipe. 

The examples above are very consumer oriented. In the next blog we will be zooming in on IoT and Business. 

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