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Help app for dental assistants

In patient treatment, each dentist has his or her own preferences regarding which instruments he or she uses. In the large dental practices, it is sometimes challenging for the team to prepare trays of instruments according to the preference of each dentist. This has several causes: in some cases the assistant who prepares the instruments is not the same who helps the dentist, in other cases the newest employees do not know the preferences of the dentists and they have to learn from their own experience. That takes a while, so the efficiency is not 100%.

To close this gap, the Dentassist app helps to prepare personalized trays for every dentist in the practice. This solution reduces preparation time and ensures that each tray is supplied with the correct instruments thanks to detailed information from the app, including photos.


How was this solution realized?

First the data model of the idea had to be designed, identifying the database tables and the business objects for the technical implementation according to this scheme:


From a technological point of view, the Homeathon offered the opportunity to explore the possibilities of the latest SAP technology. In this case, the ABAP runtime in SAP Cloud Platform was used with the RESTful Application Programming model (RAP). This made it possible to prove that this new methodology can be used to quickly create modern general purpose UI apps using a revamped ABAP and make them readily available in a scalable environment.


After choosing the development platform, the implementation with ABAP, CDS Views and UI metadata annotations was completed and implemented:


Figure 2: Initial screen with procedure selection.


Figure 3: List of selected procedural equipment, including an image of a full drawer.


Figure 4: Equipment details, including a high-resolution image

Why the Oliver IT Homeathon is so much fun!

The Hackathon, this year's Homeathon, gives us the opportunity to implement ideas and use technologies that our day-to-day work commitments may not allow. In my specific case I wanted to try out the new ABAP RAP methodology, but this requires a SAP Cloud Platform with ABAP environment or an S/4 HANA on-premise, both of which are not available in the projects to which I have been assigned. Thanks to the Homeathon, I was able to make a real app with the latest knowledge I have gained.

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