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"With Oliver Planner, Swiss Sense increases its ride efficiency and customer satisfaction".

Data and technology can simplify complex logistic processes so that profits can be made in various areas. Sleep specialist Swiss Sense experienced this thanks to Oliver IT's smart cloud application Oliver Planner. Willem Peters, Supply Chain Director, and Christian Voets, Logistics and Warehouse Operations Manager, at Swiss Sense explain how the implementation of a digital planning system increases customer convenience and achieves savings.

Time for a progressive solution

Christian: "At Swiss Sense, we work with a complex logistics process. Every day, 55 trucks drive in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. In addition, there are also external hauliers that are deployed in a variable manner depending on the traffic. Per journey 5 to 7 orders are transported for our customers. We therefore wanted to further optimise this logistics process".

Willem: "We were still working on an analogue planning board with cards that involved a lot of manual work. This leads to susceptibility to errors and ensures that journeys are not optimally planned. As a result, for example, more kilometres were driven per trip than necessary. We were looking for a solution that would enable us to plan our trips more efficiently, saving kilometres and time, among other things".

More convenience and user-friendliness for our customers

Willem: "The collaboration with Oliver IT has resulted in our Oliver Planner. It is the solution to optimize our logistic processes and to serve our customers even better. After all, it's no longer just about the old-fashioned shifting of boxes and the delivery of box springs. It's about convenience and service for our customers, where they can continue to make choices right up to the last minute. Via Oliver Planner, customers determine together with us at what moment their order is delivered".

Christian: "We are now working with dynamic route planning. This means that new orders are calculated and classified in real time, so that we always have optimal trip schedules. This is a big step forward. It enables us to deliver even faster and at the time required by the customer. It is also easier and more user-friendly for employees to schedule an appointment where a customer is offered multiple delivery times. In addition, we now ensure that every journey is planned even better with customer deliveries that match each other as closely as possible".

Savings of 4 km per customer per ride

Willem: "In addition to benefits for our customers, this digital planning system brings us more. We went live a few weeks ago and now see that we save an average of 4 km per customer per trip. Our drivers spend less time on the road, fuel consumption is lower and working manually is a thing of the past, which reduces susceptibility to error and increases efficiency".

Christian: "It's good that a system automatically understands the complex planning logic for us and arranges the customer appointments as well as possible. This also brings a different dynamic to our logistics department. Planners have more time to fully focus on optimizing the route planning, which in turn contributes to the service to our customers".

A focus on automation and digitization

Christian: "We monitor the logistic process and adjust it when necessary. The new planning system Oliver Planner is part of a larger project at Swiss Sense. After all, we are constantly looking at how we can further improve our customer experience and service to our customers. For example by means of automation and digitization".

Willem: "At the moment we are also looking into whether we can give our customers the opportunity to schedule a service or delivery appointment online.”

Achieving maximum result

Christian: "After months of developing, testing and, where necessary, improving the cloud application with Oliver IT, we have recently had a flawless live run. We have worked with Oliver IT in an open and constructive way.

Willem: "Within our organization, we have used valuable data in a smart way and thus better organized our logistic processes. Oliver IT has turned out to be a great sparring partner. By challenging each other, we worked towards the best possible end result. Several people played a major role in this and without their efforts this would not have been possible. That is why I would like to take this opportunity to thank a number of people for their enormous commitment and dedication during this project: Lieke van Helvoort (project manager), Remco Bos (key user), Laurens Altorf (logistics manager), Rob Creemers (IT manager), Christian Voets, the other key users/process engineers and of course the people of Oliver IT".

Client: Swiss Sense

Problem: Increasing efficiency and optimizing logistics process

Solution: Oliver Planner; smart cloud application and digital planning system. Savings/advantages:

  • Increasing customer satisfaction at Swiss Sense
  • All trips automatically scheduled
  • All delivery agreements automated soon
  • Savings of 4 kilometres per order
  • A reduction in logistics costs
  • A significant time saving
  • A reduction in CO2 emissions

Swiss Sense develops and manufactures everything in the field of fine and good sleep, including box springs, beds, mattresses, accessories and bed textiles. The delivery of the products is an important part of Swiss Sense' overall customer experience.

Willem Peters - Supply Chain Director

Responsible for the entire chain, including the Buying Department.

Christian Voets - Operations Manager Logistics and Warehouse

Responsible for Warehousing and transport.

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