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Why an integration migration project pays off

Many organizations are thinking about the next technology phase or are in the middle of the digital transition. In the rapidly changing IT landscape, integration is becoming an increasingly important component. The need to migrate to a modern hybrid integration landscape is therefore growing. The will to consolidate is there, but how do you make that decision?

Spaghetti Landscape

It could well be that over the years the IT landscape looks like the well known 'Spaghetti' integration landscape. Some applications have more than 1 connection with each other, a lot-to-many relationship.

Or it may be that after a reorganisation several applications exist with the same or similar functions. It also often happens that documentation is no longer up-to-date or simply untraceable. And then there is the technical fault of a migration project a few years ago. Expiring software licenses and cost savings are triggers to start projects and finally do something about the problems.

The Hybrid Integration Landscape

Integration domains (Source: Integration domains (Source:

By describing where applications are located in the organization, we can distinguish different integration domains. Integrations between these domains have several restrictions such as security or bandwidth with an 'OnPremise to Cloud' integration.

The integration choices for a modern hybrid integration landscape should be in line with an integration strategy. This strategy helps to determine the vendor choice. For example, do you opt for a cloud-based vendor or do you stay 'on-premise'? In addition, it is wise to look at integration architecture guidelines. These guidelines help determine how to deal with new integration and new technologies.

How can we help? Oliver IT has experience with migration and integration projects on large and small scale. Our integration experts can help you define your integration strategy, draw up integration architecture guidelines and of course the migration project itself.

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